Rectors of St Giles Church, Water Stratford
1240 to present

Water Stratford Church's most famous incumbents were John Mason and Joseph Bosworth but listed below are all the past rectors that we know of from 1240 through to the present day.  The original list was taken from Victoria County History but we have annotated and enhanced many of the entries.  Some priests have been more extensively researched and this information can be accessed by following the links.  An entry in red indicates an incumbency of twenty years or more and an asterisk indicates that the rector concerned is known to be buried in the church or churchyard.  Please do contact us if you can add to our knowledge of any of these past Rectors of St Giles.
Ralph, 1240  
Nicholas, 1244 
Michael de Bukely 
John de Dodington, 1340 
John Levell 
John Legatt, 1361 
Edmund de Aylesbury, 1369 
Geffry in the Kirne, 1381 
Thomas Seman, 1399 
Edmund Barnesly, 1401 
Adam Golafere, 1403  
William Brumer, l403 
Richard Raxon, 1404 
John Wellcombe, 1411 
Geffrey Davenport, 1412 
John Robys 
Henry Tame, 1440 
John Beachampton 
John Combe, 1449 
Robert Smith, 1450 
John Boddenham, 1455 
Richard Sedgeworth, 1459 
John Colyns, 1464 
John Jecock, 1465 
John Nutbeam, 1480 
Thomas Ashton, 1489 
John Arrowsmith, 1489  
John Cull, 1506
             Foundation of Church of England 1529-37
John Smith, 1528  
William Birdesley or Baddisley, 1560  
Richard Major, 1591 *
Robert Sibthorp, 1616  
Samuel Marshall, 1627 (first occupant of present Rectory)
Walter Taylor, 1642 (presented by Sir Peter Temple, Bt, who died 1653)
William Joannes or Jones, 1651 
John Price, 1661 * (presented by Anne Temple, Viscountess Baltinglass)
John Mason, 1674 * (1645-94) (presented by Viscountess Baltinglass)
Isaac Rushworth, 1694 * (presented by Viscountess Baltinglass)
Benjamin Hart or Heart, 1720 *
Thomas Green, 1732 (all Rectors from 1732 to at least 1839 were presented by the Temple family of Stowe)
John Fisher, 1751
Henry Gabell, 1768 (1735-1802)
George Glover, 1802
Sir George Lee, Bt, 1804  
Charles Kirsopp, 1921 * (1864-1923) (presented by Revd Goddard) 
Edmund Francis Vesey Ross, 1925 (1862-1930) (presented by Revd Goddard)
James Mellor Evans, 1930 (1856-1939) (presented by Revd Goddard)
William Thomas Winkworth, 1933 * (1862-1937) (presented by Revd Goddard)
Leslie Ronald Frank Buttle, 1938 (1907-2009) (later an RNVR chaplain) was the last resident incumbent

The Rectory was used for evacuees during the war and Water Stratford was cared for by: 
William Henry John Platts, 1941 (1873-1956) (Rector, Preston Bissett)
Eric Sherrin Tarrant, 1948 (1889-1958) (Priest-in-charge)

With Tingewick 
Frank Lionel Trewella, 1952 (1910-85)
Edward Aykroyd Jones, 1958 (1900-66)
John Edward Simpson, 1966

With Tingewick and Radclive-cum-Chackmore 
David Ridgway Hemsley, 1970 (1936-2015) (Priest-in-charge) 
Robert O N Willmott, 1976, the last incumbent until 2012.

From 1983 to 2000 Water Stratford reverted to being a single benefice but without its own priest, and was chiefly cared for by:  
John Hudson (Rector, Lenborough Benefice) 
Maurice Stanton-Saringer (Chaplain, Stowe School) 
Norman Thorp (Rural Dean, Buckingham)

In 2000, the parish joined Biddlesden, Shalstone, Tingewick, Turweston and Westbury to form the West Buckingham benefice, its priests-in-charge being: 
Vivien Baldwin, 2000 (Curate-in-charge) 
Elizabeth Simpson, 2003 (Rector from 2012)
interregnum, September 2019
Paula Smith, 13 October 2020 (Rector)