Song II
A General Song of Praise to Almighty God 
These are Mason's words as they appear in 
the 1859 edition of his Songs of Praise.
What shall I render to my God 
    For all his Gifts to me? 
Sing Heav'n and Earth; rejoice, and praise 
    His Glorious Majesty. 
Bright Cherubims, sweet Seraphims, 
    Praise Him with all your might: 
Praise, praise Him, all ye Hosts of Heav'n, 
    Praise him ye Saints in Light.

Ye blessed Patriarchs, praise the Lord, 
    For his First-fruits are ye; 
Bless'd Prophets, who dreamt here of God, 
    Praise Him, whom now you see. 
Offer to God, ye Glorious Priests,  
    Your Sacrifice of Praise; 
Sweet Psalmists, now your Hearts are fixt, 
    Your Tuneful Voices raise.

Ye Twelve Apostles of the Lamb,  
    Who here proclaim'd your King, 
And fill'd this World with Holy Sounds,  
    Loud Hallelujahs sing. 
Triumphant Martyrs, ye did fight,  
    And fighting ye did fall, 
And falling ye took up a Crown: 
    Crown Him, who Crown'd you all.

Praise, praise Him, all ye saved Ones, 
    From whom Salvation came; 
Praise Him that sits upon the Throne, 
    And praise the Glorious Lamb. 
Praise, praise Him, all ye Saints below,  
    Praise Him both East and West: 
Praise Him, all ye baptized Lands, 
    Praise whom you have profess'd:
O praise Him, all ye Crowned Heads, 
    That own the Christian Name: 
Praise Him, who is the King of Kings,  
    Raise and enlarge his Fame. 
Praise Him, all Christian Magistrates, 
    Gain Credit to his Ways: 
Praise Him, ye Ministers of God, 
    Teach others Him to praise.

Praise Him, our Famous Christian Isle, 
    Praise Him with one accord. 
Let every Tongue, let every Tribe, 
    Be taught to praise the Lord. 
Praise Him, my Friends and Kindred all, 
    O praise him all your Days; 
My Mind and Heart, my Lip and Life, 
    Join to advance his Praise.

O! let me praise thee whilst I live, 
    And praise thee when I die, 
And praise thee when I rise again, 
    And to Eternity. 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
    The Father sent his Son; 
The Son sends forth the Holy Ghost, 
    For Men's Salvation.

Mysterious Depths of Endless Love 
    Our Admirations raise,  
My God, thy Name exalted is 
    Far above all our Praise.