Songs X and XII
A Song of Praise for the Morning
Julian quotes the first lines of both the first and 
last verses as though they are separate hymns, 
and indeed the last verse would still be usable 
on its own in modern worship.

My God was with me all this Night, 
    And gave me sweet Repose; 
My God did watch, even whilst I slept, 
    Or I had never rose. 
How many groan'd and wish'd for Sleep, 
    Until they wish'd for Day; 
Meas'ring slow Hours with their quick Pains, 
    Whilst I securely lay!

Whilst I did sleep, all Dangers slept, 
    No Thieves did me affright; . 
Those Ev'ning Wolves, those Beasts of Prey, 
    Disturbers of the Night. 
No raging Flames nor Storms did rend 
    The House that I was in; 
I heard no dreadful Cries without, 
    No doleful Groans within.

What Terrors have I 'scap'd this Night, 
    Which have on others fell! 
My Body might have slept its last, 
    My Soul have wak'd in Hell. . 
Sweet Rest hath gain'd that Strength to me 
    Which Labour did devour: 
My Body was in Weakness sown, 
    But it is rais'd in Power.

Lord, for the Mercies of the Night 
    My humble Thanks I pay; 
And unto Thee I dedicate 
    The First-fruits of the Day, 
Let this Day praise Thee, O my God, 
    And so let all my Days: 
And O let mine Eternal Day 
    Be thine Eternal Praise.
A Song of Praise for the Birth of Christ
This makes an acceptable carol but had not been sung in modern times until the St Giles Christmas Day Service in 2015, when it was sung to the tune of 'O little town of Bethlehem'.

Away, dark Thoughts; awake, my Joy; 
    Awake, my Glory, sing, 
Sing Songs to Celebrate the Birth 
    Of Jacob's God and King. 
O happy Night that brought forth Light, 
    Which makes the Blind to see! 
The Day-spring from on High came down 
    To Cheer and Visit Thee.

The wakeful Shepherds, near their Flocks, 
    Were watchful for the Morn; 
But better News from Heav'n was brought, 
    Your Saviour Christ is Born. 
In Bethlem-Town the Infant lies, 
    Within a Place obscure; 
O Little Bethlem, poor in Walls, 
    But rich in Furniture!

Since Heaven is now come down to Earth, 
    Hither the Angels fly! 
Hark how the Heav'nly Choir doth Sing, 
    Glory to God on High! 
The News is spread, the Church is glad, 
    Simeon o'ercome with Joy, 
Sings with the Infant in his Arms; 
    Now let thy Servant die.

Wise Men from far beheld the Star, 
    Which was their faithful Guide, 
Until it pointed forth the Babe, 
    And Him they glorified. 
Do Heaven and Earth rejoice and sing, 
    Shall we our Christ deny? 
He's born for us, and we for Him; 
    Glory to God on High.