Songs XVI and XVII
A Song of Praise for a Gospel Ministry

Fair are the Feet which bring the News 
    Of Gladness unto me : 
What Happy Messengers are these 
    Which my bless'd Eyes do see! 
These are the Stars which God appoints 
    For Guides unto my Way, 
To lead me unto Bethlem-Town; 
    Where my dear Saviour lay.

These are my God's Ambassadors, 
    By whom his Mind I know; 
God's Angels in his lower Heav'n, 
    God's Trumpeters below. 
The Trumpet sounds, the Dead arise, 
    Which fell by Adam's Hand. 
Again the Trumpet sounds, and they 
    Set forth for Canaan's Land.

Thy Servants speak; but thou, Lord, dost 
    An hearing Ear bestow: 
They smite the Rock; but thou, my God, 
    Dost make the Waters flow: 
They shoot the Arrow; but thy Hand 
    Doth drive the Arrow home: 
They call; but, Lord, thou dost compel, 
    And then thy Guests are come.

Angels that fly, and Worms that creep, 
    Are both alike to Thee; 
If thou mak'st Worms thine Angels, Lord, 
    They bring my God to me. 
As Sons of Thunder, first they come, 
    And I the Lightning fear; 
But then they bring me to my Home, 
    And Sons of Comfort are.

Lord, thou art in them of a Truth, 
    That I might never stray; 
The Clouds and Pillars march before, 
    And shew me Canaan's Way. 
I bless my God, who is my Guide; 
    I sing in Sion's Ways: 
When shall I sing on Sion's Hill 
    Thine Everlasting Praise?
A Song of Praise for Holy Baptism

Lord, what is Man, that Lump of Sin, 
    Made up of Earth and Hell; 
Not fit to come within the Camp 
    Where Holy Angels dwell 
Man is a Leper from the Womb, 
    An Ethiopian born; 
A Traitor's guilty Son and Heir, 
    Worthy of Pain and Scorn.

And dost thou look on such a one? 
    Are not thine Eyes most pure? 
But they are Eyes of Pity too, 
    Where Griefs do beg a Cure. 
This Leper is a loathsome Sight; 
    But Pity casts an Eye, 
And bids him wash in Jordan's Streams 
    To cure his Leprosy.

The Ethiopian's Skin is chang'd, 
    And made as white as Snow, " 
When dipt in wonder-working Streams, 
    Which from Christ's Sides do flow. 
As Adam slept and from his Side 
    A killing Eve arose; 
From my pierc'd Lord (that smitten Rock) 
    A pure Life Fountain flows.

Ah, what a tainted Wretch is Man! .  
    And so he must have stood: 
But lo! an Act of Sov'reign Grace 
    Restores him to his Blood. 
Save me, my God, for I am thine: 
    Lord, own thy Seal to me: 
O wash my Soul 'till it be cleans'd, 
    And purify'd for Thee.

Blest above Streams is Jordan's Flood, 
   Which toucheth Canaan's Shore;. 
I'll sing thy Praise in Jordan's Streams 
    In Canaan evermore.