Songs of praise for the Lord's Day
Song XIX

My Lord, my Love, was crucified, 
    He all the pains did bear; 
But in the sweetness of His rest 
    He makes His servants share. 
How sweetly rest Thy saints above 
    Which in Thy bosom lie; 
The Church below doth rest in hope 
    Of that felicity.

Thou, Lord, who daily feed'st Thy sheep, 
    Mak'st them a weekly feast; 
Thy flocks meet in their several folds 
    Upon this day of rest. 
Welcome and dear unto my soul 
    Are these sweet feasts of love; 
But what a Sabbath shall I keep 
    When I shall rest above!

I bless Thy wise and wondrous love, 
    Which binds us to be free; 
Which makes us leave our earthly snares, 
    That we may come to Thee. 
I come, I wait, I hear, I pray, 
    Thy footsteps, Lord, I trace; 
I sing to think this is the way 
    Unto my Saviour's face.
Song XX

Blest day of God, most calm, most bright, 
    The first, the best of days; 
The labourer's rest, the saint's delight, 
    The day of prayer and praise. 
My Saviour's face made thee to shine; 
    His rising thee did raise; 
And made thee heavenly and divine 
    Beyond all other days.

The first-fruits oft a blessing prove 
    To all the sheaves behind; 
And they the day of Christ who love, 
    A happy week shall find. 
This day I must with God appear; 
    For, Lord, the day is Thine; 
Help me to spend it in Thy fear, 
    And thus to make it mine. 

Both these hymns are shown
in their modern form