Songs XXV and XXVI
A Song of Praise for Grace

O God of Grace, who hast restor'd 
    Thine Image unto me, 
Which by my Sins was quite defac'd ; 
    What shall I render Thee? 
Thine Image and Inscription, Lord, 
    Upon my Heart I bear: 
Thine own I render unto Thee, 
    O God, my God most dear.

My self I owe thee for my self, 
    Whom thou didst make of Earth; 
But thou hast made me o'er again, 
    Thou gav'st a second Birth. 
Twice born, and twice endu'd with Life, 
    I haste to come to thee, 
To pay my Vows, my Thanks, my Heart, 
    With all Humility. .

O, was I born first from Beneath! 
    And then born from above! 
Am I Child of Man and God? 
    O Rich and Endless Love! 
When I had broke the Tables, Lord, 
    New Tables thou didst hew; 
And with thy Finger didst engrave 
    Thy Laws on them anew.

Earth is my Mother, Earth my Nurse, 
    And Earth must be my Tomb: 
Yet God, the God of Heaven and Earth, 
    My Father is become. 
Hell enter'd me, and into Hell 
    I quickly should have run: 
But O! Kind Heav'n laid hold on me; 
    Heav'n is in me begun.

This Spark will rise into a Flame, 
    This Seed into a Tree; 
My Songs shall rise, my Praises shall 
    Loud Hallelujahs be.
A Song of Praise for Answer of Prayer

What are the Heav'ns, O God of Heav'n! 
    Thou art more bright, more high: 
What are bright Stars, and brighter Saints, 
    To thy bright Majesty! 
Thou'rt far above the Songs of Heaven, 
    Sung by thy Holy Ones; 
And dost thou stoop and bow thine Ear 
    To a poor Sinner's Groans?

God minds the Language of my Heart, 
    My Groans and Sighs he hears; 
He hath a Book for my Request,  
    A Bottle for my Tears. 
But did not my dear Saviour's Blood 
    First wash away their Guilt; 
My Sighs would prove but empty Air, 
    My Tears would all be spilt.

Lord, thine Eternal Spirit was 
    My Advocate within: 
But O, my Smoke join'd with thy Flame, 
    My Pray'r was mixt with Sin. 
But then Christ was my Altar, and 
    My Advocate above; 
His Blood did clear my Pray'r, and gain'd 
    An Answer full of Love.

It could not be that thou should'st hear 
    A Mortal sinful Worm; 
But that my Prayers presented are 
    In a most glorious Form. 
Christ's precious Hands took my Requests, 
    And turn'd my Dross to Gold; 
His Blood put Warmth into my Prayers, 
    Which were by Nature cold.

Thou heard'st my Groans for Jesus Sake, 
    Whom thou dost hear always; 
Lord, hear through that prevailing Name, 
    My Voice of Joy and Praise.