Songs XXVII and XXIX
A Song of Praise for Deliverance 
from Enemies

Great God, who does the World command, 
    Thou check'st both Wind and Waves: 
The Devils, which like Lions roar, 
    Are thine enchanted Slaves. 
The Sons of Rage are smoking Brands, 
    And Idols fear'd in vain: 
Thou, Lord, the only, only God, 
    Their Fury dost restrain.

Thou, Lord, didst smooth fierce Esau's Brow, 
    And change his murm'ring Breath: 
Thou gav'st to him a Brother's Heart, 
    Who vow'd his Brother's Death. 
Angels have arm'd at thy Command, 
    And Stars have shot their Dart; 
Nature hath fought, and Miracles 
    Have took thy Church's part.

Thee, Lord, who still thy Church dost love, 
    All Creatures must obey: 
And when for thine thou dost arise, 
    Their Enemies, where are they1 . 
I cry'd to Heaven in my Distress, 
    I to my God did flee; 
He with Compassion heard my Cry, 
    He did arise for me.

With humble Fear, and thankful Joy, 
    Lord, at thy Feet I fall, 
Unfeignedly acknowledging, 
    That Thou alone dost all. 
Thou art all Pow'r, thou art all Love, 
    And so thou art to me: 
Blest be my God, now and henceforth, 
    And to Eternity.
A Song of Praise for Deliverance 
from Imminent Dangers of Death

Lord of my Life, Length of my Days, 
    Thy Hand hath rescu'd me; 
Who lying at the Gates of Death 
    Among the Dead was free. 
My dearest Friends I had resign'd 
    Unto their Maker's Care: 
Methought I only time had left 
    For a concluding Prayer.

Methought Death laid his Hands on me, 
    And did his Pris'ner bind; 
And by the Sound, methought I heard 
    His Master's Feet behind. 
Methought I stood upon the Shore, 
    And nothing could I see, 
But the vast Ocean, with my Eyes, 
    A vast Eternity.

Methought I heard the Midnight Cry, 
    Behold the Bridegroom comes: 
Methought I was call'd to the Bar, 
    Where Souls receive their Dooms. 
The World was at an End to me, 
    As if it all did burn: 
But lo! There came a Voice from Heav'n, 
    Which order'd my Return.

Lord, I return'd at thy Command, 
    What wilt thou have me do ? 
O let me wholly live to Thee, 
    To whom my Life I owe! 
Fain would I dedicate to Thee 
    The Remnant of my Days. 
Lord, with my Life renew my Heart, 
    That both thy Name may praise.